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Zack's Dropping Out is the thirteenth episode of Season Four of Mt. Ararat: Life and Love at the World's Worst High School. It is often referred to as the "soft reboot" as the series, because of its focus on a specific storyline and subjects, in deference to the first three-and-a-half seasons, which were mostly random footage for the purpose of comedy.


The episode begins with the opening shot of Zack Mullen's "Who We Are" music video, which fades into a theme song using the same track. We then hear several old subjects, including Tony Mackie, Kaleb Fisher, Ryan Greene and Daphne Frizzle discussing the fact that Zack Mullen is apparently dropping out of Mt. Ararat High School.

Meredith Cass makes her first onscreen appearance as she laments Mullen's choices to her Creative Writing class, in which Mullen was previously enrolled. She then reads his final contribution to the class, a poem entitled "I Can't See Clearly." She has her students write notes to their former classmate and put them in an envelope, which she hands to Nathaniel (offscreen, as the cameraman).

The next day, Hudson, Sam, and Ally find out what Mullen has done. Meredith shows up in Mr. Meyn's advisory, apparently having been informed that Mullen would be making an appearance. He does, and the two of them have a talk about his plans. Meredith convinces him to stay in school, and Nathaniel hands him the envelope full of notes. Mullen reads the notes, then explains to his classmates that his father had kicked him out of his house due to Nathaniel failing to take Mullen home.

The episode ends with Mullen coining his now-famous line: "Someone once told me that musicians, artists, and just weird people, are the people who cause the rest of the world to think differently."


Zack's Dropping Out was the episode that firmly set Zack Mullen in the position of lead subject. Unlike the rest of Season Four, however, Hudson and Ally only make brief appearances. This episode also marked the first appearance of Ms. Cass.

In the seriesEdit

Zack's Dropping Out was the mid-season finale of Season Four, the first season to have such an episode. The next episode — Bleach Week — featured a revamped documentary style and twenty-four-minute episode length, complete with reintroductions for all the subjects.

Zack's Dropping Out is the most-viewed episode to date.