Thorgrim “Night Wolf” Buldricsson is a fictional character appearing in James L. Nelson’s Norsemen Saga. He first appears in the first installment, Fin Gall.

Character bioEdit

Thorgrim Buldricsson was born in East Agder, Vik, in ???? AD. As a young man, he owned a farm, but later left to become hirdman for Ornolf Hrafnsson, a powerful jarl. Thorgrim plundered for Ornolf, and they both became very wealthy, alongside Ornolf’s other men.

Six years after joining Ornolf, Thorgrim left him and returned to his farm, where he purchased more land and slaves, eventually becoming one of the wealthiest farmers in the area. When Thorgrim decided the time had come for him to marry, Ornolf offered him his second daughter, Hallbera Ornolfsdottir, on the condition that she approved of the union. She did, and the two were wed. Thorgrim gave Ornolf fifty silver coins as a bride-price, while Ornolf gave Thorgrim another farm as a dowry.

Thorgrim and Hallbera had two sons, Odd and Harald, and a daughter, Hilda. Thorgrim taught Odd and Harald how to be strong warriors, and when Odd was of age, Thorgrim granted him the farm he had been given as a dowry.

When Hilda was ten, Hallbera became pregnant again. She died in childbirth, though the baby girl survived. Thorgrim named her Hallbera in honor of her mother.

After Hallbera’s death, Ornolf, who had settled down but wanted to go a-viking again, purchased a longship and offered Thorgrim a position aboard. Thorgrim was comfortable farming, but couldn’t bear being at home without Hallbera, so he took Harald and joined Ornolf.

Character descriptionEdit