The Adventures of Cat Stan and Tina Fish is the twenty-third episode of the fourth season of the original run of Mt. Ararat. The name is a reference to both Christina "Tina" Fish — who appears here for the first time — and the prior episode Cat Stan and Pendatitis.


In the Cold Open, Meredith's Creative Writing class is broken up by Summer and Kendall improvising a round of "Happy Birthday" for Codie. In an interview segment, Meredith tells the camera about how she often has no idea what's going on in her own class.

Jack leads Nathaniel, Ally, and Kobi — appearing for the first time — in a rehearsal for The Dove Nest's "protest scene." Several of Ally's friends interrupt by coming into the room. Finally Kobi has to leave, and Ally suggests that they do the play as a "staged reading," and Jack agrees that they could call it a tribute to William Shakespeare.

At school, Cyrus runs in a track meet along with his friends Matt and Frenchy. He points out that Bronwyn is late, but she eventually shows up, expressing her anger at herself for not showing up in time to see him run.

Mullen, Griffin, and Mullen's friend Christina Fish hang out in and around the Auburn mall. Christina shows the guys her new tattoo, and Mullen tells Griffin about living with Seth.

In the seriesEdit

This episode marks the first appearance of both Tina Fish and Kobi Appleby. It is also the final appearances of Bronwyn and Cyrus as a couple.

It is the first episode since the mid-season finale to not feature any appearances from Hudson Bird.

This is the second episode to focus on the storyarc of Jack's play, which culminates in the following episode, Hell Day.

This episode is the final appearance of Mullen in Maine.