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Mt. Ararat is a comedy/drama documentary/dankumentary franchise that began in 2012 with the release of Season One of the titular series, Mt. Ararat.


The original Mt. Ararat series is simply entitled Mt. Ararat. This series contains four seasons of episodes and several specials, beginning with the Class of 2016's freshman year and culminating in their graduation.

A planned film adaption of the series, Mt. Ararat: SENIOR YEAR, is scheduled to begin production the Summer of 2016.

A possible college-based spinoff was suggested in Season Four, episode eleven of Mt. Ararat.

The series creator has expressed interest in doing a reunion film, which would be entitled Mt. Ararat: ONE YEAR LATER.

Main subjectsEdit

Most of the lead subjects in the Mt. Ararat documentary franchise were members of Mt. Ararat High School's Class of 2016. Others were a year above or below, and still others were teachers at the same school.


Beginning with the soft reboot, Mt. Ararat was credited by "N-GIN STUDIOS, in association with the Evan Thibeault Fund." This changed in Bye Bye Honda (Part One), in which the studio name was changed to MOUNT ARARAT STUDIOS, although the Evan Thibeault title remained.

The series was filmed almost entirely by Nathaniel Nelson, although other subjects such as Zack Mullen, Hudson Bird, and Bronwyn Caswell-Riday would occasionally take the role of cameraman.