The following is a list of the different locations where various events throughout Mt. Ararat take place.


Nearly every episode of Mt. Ararat takes place entirely in Maine.


Topsham is a small town in Maine, where Mt. Ararat High School — the center and namesake of the series — is located. Many of the subjects of the documentary reside in Topsham. Notable locations in Topsham include:

Mt. Ararat High School

• The home of Ally Collins

• The home of Hudson and Pamela Bird

Mt. Ararat Middle School and the Orion Theater

• The home of Brendan Dupont

• The Target supply store (appearing in "Guys! We're Not Even Passing the Prius!"

• The Dollar Tree (appearing in Variety Show


Brunswick is the next town over from Topsham. Notable locations in Brunswick include:

Brunswick High School

• The Unitarian Universalist church where prom was held and the open mic was performed

Pedro O'Hara's Mexican/Irish/American pub

• Bowdoin College, where the AP Lit class does research for their senior paper

• Wild Oats Bakery, where the AP Lit class take their break from working at Bowdoin College

Midcoast Orthodontics, where Bronwyn, Mackenzie, and Summer all have their wisdom teeth taken out


Several episodes take place in Portland, Maine, usually in the area known as the Old Port. Notable Mt. Ararat locations in Portland include:

• One City Center, where Mullen and Nathaniel try to get in on Boxing Day, and are disappointed to find it locked

• Nickelodeon Cinema, outside which Sam tries to get info on local parties from Finn the Human on Halloween

• The State Theater, where Bernie Sanders held a rally to support his campaign in Feel the Bern


Bowdoin is a much more rural town in Maine. Notable locations in Bowdoin include:

• The house of Zack and Elliot Mullen.

Gowell's convenience store and gas station

• The Bowdoin Landing, as seen in the Who We Are music video


Several episodes take place in the L. L. Bean flagship store, which is located in Freeport, Maine.


Late in the final season, Zack Mullen goes on vacation to Florida, where he meets Cadie Johnson.

The Dominican RepublicEdit

In Season Four's Mission Trip, Ally and Joanna go on the eponymous trip to the Dominican Republic.