The following is a list of all thirty-nine episodes and seven specials in the original run of Mt. Ararat.

Season OneEdit

Season One consisted of a single episode: First Day Filming. Although the documentary was not considered a series yet episode 01x01 did follow a structure roughly similar to that of subsequent seasons: a cold open, a theme song, and several different plotlines following different people.

code episode title plot theme song
01x01 First Day Filming In the pilot episode of the series, the cameras get a first look into the lives of students attending Mt. Ararat High School. The Office

Season TwoEdit

Season Two used to consist of a single episode: Theater Kids. Originally called Once on This Island, it was meant as a standalone documentary, until it was grandfathered into the series with the inception of Season Three. Later, lost footage from sophomore year was discovered, and Outside With Izzi was created.

code episode title plot theme song
02x01 Theater Kids (originally known as Once on This Island) The thespians of Mt. Ararat hang out before rehearsal. Ally breaks into her own house and Zack Clark makes vulgar jokes. N/A
02x02 Outside With Izzi Haley, Nathaniel and Izzi hang out outside of school. Ryan improvs song lyrics in the Commons, and Mr. Meyn's advisory moves to a temporary room. FRIENDS

Season ThreeEdit

Most episodes in Season Three are short and have very little plot structure. The beginning of this season was the first time that Mt. Ararat was considered a series.

code episode title plot theme song
03x01 A Camera Taking a Picture of a Camera Junior Year begins. Ryan shows off his new painting and the sophomores get up to their usual shenanigans. N/A
03x02 Making Your Way in the World Today Zack Mullen and Zack Clark hang out in the hallway. Sam makes racist comments and the sophomores do whatever. Cheers
03x03 "Y'know, the School's Gonna Kill You." The camera crew upgrades to HD. Sam does old homework and Audra gives Ryan nickels. Cheers
03x04 "Hello, Mr. Governor!" Marcus and Evan play Magic: The Gathering. Meghan calls the Governor and Mackenzie talks politics. N/A
03x05 Of All the Things... The administration puts on a Star Wars tribute. Mullen tries to get Nathaniel to finish a song he wrote. Ryan and Hudson star in a movie. N/A
03x06 Memorial Day On Memorial Day, Ryan, Daphne and Izzi hang out. Daphne applies to Dairy Queen over the phone and Ryan gives filming a try. title card
03x07 How is That Even Fucking Erotic? Ryan and Jordon visit Room 203 during AST. Marilyn spills milk all over her pants and Mullen rents a boom mic. FRIENDS
03x08 "Do You Have 75 Cents?" Mr. Krill's film class spends a day outside. Everyone hangs out in Ms. Cowie's room before going to Seth's. Trailer Park Boys
03x09 Nat Nelson is Always Recording Jordon talks himself up to the cameras. Frau Glauder hosts a Bingo game and Mr. Meyn's advisory gets ready to move rooms. Trailer Park Boys
03x10 Class of 2015 The Class of 2015 graduates (on Nathaniel's birthday!) and we look back on the role they've played in the show. title card
03x11 Three Down, One to Go On the last day of junior year, Brendan hosts a party in his homeroom. Later, Mr. Meyn's advisory shares a tray of brownies on their last day in Room 203. Trailer Park Boys

Season Four (Part One)Edit

The first thirteen episodes of Season Four were generally similar to those of Season Three: short scenes with no general structure, following a large amount of people with no character hierarchy. This ended with the mid-season finale: the first episode where an effort was made to create consistency in the plot lines.

code episode title plot theme song
04x01 Homecoming Week Senior year has begun, and the Class of 2016 kicks it off with a killer Field Day. Sam becomes a superhero, Bronwyn becomes the school mascot, and Mullen becomes too high to think straight. Later, everyone gathers for the homecoming game and their last bonfire. Parks and Recreation
04x02 Art Walk Ryan, Mullen, and Brendan travel to Lewiston to support Daphne on her art walk. Sam has fun in the men's room. Trailer Park Boys
04x03 "Guys! We're Not Even Passing the Prius!" Mullen, Hudson, Seth, and Nathaniel try to fight off the boredom and end up in a high-speed car chase. Trailer Park Boys
04x04 Fire Drill A fire drill during first-period Photography results in the entire student body standing around in the driveway. Mr. Field's class plays Simon Says and the juniors do whatever. Parks and Recreation
04x05 Senior Halloween It's Halloween of senior year, and only a select few were allowed to go to Brendan's. The rest find themselves in Portland's Old Port, with no good parties in sight. Izzi Ross makes a guest appearance. Parks and Recreation
04x06 L.L. Bean at 3 a.m. High on coffee and egg nog, Seth, Hudson, and Nathaniel find themselves wandering around L.L. Bean all night. Parks and Recreation
04x07 L.L. Bean at 2 a.m. After leaving a party at Brendan's, everyone makes their way to L.L. Bean. Daphne gets artistic and Jordon gets pissed off. Trailer Park Boys
04x08 Cat Stan and Pendatitis Mullen, Tony, Nathaniel, and Kaleb work on a photography project. Trailer Park Boys
04x09 Welcome to the Pep Rally! On the last day of school before "Winter Break #1," the Class of 2016 hosts a pep rally. The teachers sing their own version of The Twelve Days of Christmas and the cameraman chugs egg nog. Trailer Park Boys
04x10 Boxing Day (Part One) On the day after Christmas, Mullen and Nathaniel hang out in the Old Port. The Office
04x11 Boxing Day (Part Two) Fed up with all the "sitting around" the group does, Nathaniel takes Mullen, Seth and Hudson back to Portland to seek out some parties. The Office
04x12 This Is Mt. Ararat, for God's Sakes Mullen discovers a new military dating website. Hudson tries to get a recommendation letter and Ally wins a contest. FRIENDS
04x13 Zack's Dropping Out (Mid-season finale) As Zack Mullen stands at a crossroads, his Creative Writing teacher is determined to have her say in the final decision. The rumors of his leaving make their rounds through the school. Who We Are

Season Four (Part Two)Edit

The second half of Season Four saw an increase in the cringiness of the episodes, as well as the presence of actual storylines and consistent subject appearances. Starting with Bleach Week, every episode featured West Rose as the theme song.

code episode title plot
04x14 Bleach Week The students endure midterms and finals, known to them as "Bleach Week." Nathaniel refuses to complete his Creative Writing assignment and Bronwyn laments not achieving valedictorian.
04x15 One Day at Bowdoin The AP Lit class takes a research trip to Bowdoin College. Jack and Mullen try to figure out who Ally's secret boyfriend is.
04x16 ...Like MOTHs to a Flame Miss Cass's creative writing students present their MOTHs: short stories based on past experiences. On Sunday, everyone gathers to watch Super Bowl 50 and Sam finds out who Ally's secret boyfriend is.
04x17 A Rose for Ally Ally and the class officers deliver flowers for St. Valentine's Day. Hudson and Nathaniel drive to Bowdoin to confront Mullen about his absences.
04x18 Mission Trip Ally and Joanna go on a mission trip to the Dominican Republic. Ms. Cass's Creative Writing students officially present their MOTH stories. Bronwyn and Mackenzie go under the knife.
04x19 Variety Show As an audience gathers for the MTA Variety Show, Ally tries to keep everything from falling apart. Bronwyn runs the strobe lights for her brother's performance and Hudson practices his banjo.
04x20 Feel the Bern Bronwyn, Nathaniel and Hudson drive down to Portland for the Bernie Sanders rally, where they see some unexpectedly familiar faces. Ally helps Jack run lines for his capstone.
04x21 Bye Bye Honda (Part One) Nathaniel takes Mullen and Hudson to Portland in his new Mustang. Meanwhile, Bronwyn enjoys her new relationship with a game of disc golf.
04x22 Bye Bye Honda (Part Two) Nathaniel, Mullen, and Hudson continue their venture around Portland. Ms. Cass presents a new opportunity to her creative writing class, and Mullen goes to live with a friend of his.
04x23 The Adventures of Cat Stan and Tina Fish The Dove Nest crew goes through a grueling dress rehearsal. Bronwyn misses Cyrus's track meet and Mullen drags Griffin to hang out with an old girlfriend.
04x24 Hell Day Mullen goes on vacation to Florida, where he makes a potential love connection. Meredith decorates her room and Jack finally puts on The Dove Nest.
04x25 One Last Dance The Creative Writing class attends their long-awaited MOTH event. Mullen is forced to part with Cadi and the seniors attend their prom.
04x26 Graduation Day The Class of 2016 graduates, and flashforwards show us what everyone does over the summer. Mullen leaves for the Army.


A number of "special episodes" of Mt. Ararat have been released alongside the main series. These are generally longer than the normal episodes and will often feature subjects rarely seen in the series. None of these specials featured theme songs. (Once on This Island was originally considered a special, but was renamed Theater Kids and was retroactively classified as the only episode of Season Two.)

code special title plot
03xS1 Mt. Ararat: Street Musicians Mullen, Hudson, and Zack Clark take a break from playing music on the sidewalk in Brunswick. They end up at a Mexican restaurant, Wal-Mart, and finally at a church-event open mic night.
03xS2 Night at Seth's The "usual suspects" hang out at Seth's. Jordon and Ryan try to think up a plot for a movie, and Brendan gets uncharacteristically pissed off.

NOTE: the complete version of Night at Seth's was lost, and only the raw footage still exists.

03xS3 Night at Brendan's While hanging out at Brendan's, Ryan keeps everyone else from sleeping with his loud voice and insane ideas.
03xS4 Kids React to Night at Seth's Gathered for lunch in the science room, the juniors watch Night at Seth's.
03xS6 AST The students all enjoy AST in different ways.

NOTE: AST has been lost, and remains unfound.

03xS7 AST 2 Mr. Meyn's advisory goes for a walk in AST. Ryan plays Magic and Marilyn walks around.
04xS1 Ultrapocalypse Readthrough The cast of Nathaniel's ill-fated film Ultrapocalypse gather at the Nelsons' for the first script reading.