Jack R. Herard (also known as J. R. R. Herard) is one of the primary subjects in the Mt. Ararat franchise. He first appears in the first episode of the second season of the original Mt. Ararat series. Following the soft reboot, he continued to appear as a series regular.

Role in Mt. AraratEdit

In the first three seasons of the series, Jack appears only occasionally, and never in a leading role. His biggest pre-reboot appearance was in Theater Kids, in which he and the other eponymous students hung out around Topsham before rehearsal for the school musical.

Following the soft reboot, Jack most often appears in conjunction to his play, which he wrote produced, and starred in for his senior project. For this he recruited Ally, Nathaniel, and Kobi.

Jack is a member of Ms. Cass's Creative Writing class. For both his midterm and his MOTH, he wrote a story detailing his time as Captain America at Comic Con, during which he met Stan Lee.


Jack, like many members of the Class of 2016, derives much of his humor from pop culture references and memes. Although he is rarely seen outside of school, he appears to be as much a part of the "friend group" as anyone, and seems to have an especially close friendship with Ally.

Jack has jet-black hair of varying lengths, usually accompanied by a wash of five o'clock shadow. He is often seen wearing a green bomber's jacket, sometimes accompanied by the orange hat made famous by the series Firefly.