Hell Day is the twenty-fourth episode of the fourth season of the original run of Mt. Ararat. It is the antepenultimate episode of the series.


Annoyed with the mundanity of school, Meredith gets her students to think up virtues that will help them in the real world, which she in turn writes on the wall of her classroom.

Zack Mullen takes a trip to Florida with his family, although the rest of them leave him alone to spend time with his cousin Cindy and her boyfriend Tom. Mullen meets an attractive girl named Cadi Johnson, with whom he immediately hits it off. The two of them in turn meet a guy named Chris Rodriguez, up from Ciudad Juaréz.

Jack, Ally, Nathaniel, and Kobi get together at the Bowdoin town hall to finally stage The Dove Nest. They do a few dress rehearsals, punctuated by Nathaniel making sexist comments while he pretends to be drunk as his form of "method acting." They finally put on the play, which is met with applause.

In the seriesEdit

The Dove Nest was first mentioned in episode twenty, Feel the Bern. In that episode, we saw Jack and Ally rehearsing alone. Since then, Nathaniel and Kobi have joined the cast, and in Hell Day, they put on the show they've worked so hard on.

Hell Day is the first episode to see Zack Mullen in Florida. He would not return until the series finale.

This episode marks the first and only appearance of Cadi Johnson.