First Day Filming is the first episode of Season One of Mt. Ararat, as well as the first episode in the series.


Much like most other early episodes, First Day Filming has no plot structure, and is simply several different clips of various subjects.

The cold open consists of a Brendan interview segment where he predicts the positive impact that the documentary may have on the "[...] sake...and importance of the school." He is interrupted by Emma Malbon, who leans into the shot and gives the camera a thumbs-up.

The theme song is the original incarnation of the Mt. Ararat The Office theme.

Izzi Ross is in Sculpture class. She describes what she's doing to the camera, before stealing the camera and taking videos of Nathaniel, who had been operating it. We then cut to the Commons, where Brendan is eating his lunch. Also in the Commons, Joanna berates Nathaniel (as the cameraman) for getting a B in art (possibly because he was filming Izzi rather than doing his work). Izzi — now in lunch — takes a plastic fork and makes herself a pair of vampire teeth.

Later, in AST, Elizabeth Nelson complains about how none of her friends are in school that day. Meghan Murphy gives the camera an in-depth description of Audra's boobs. Audra and Izzi, also in AST, fool around and make dinosaur noises. Audra berates Nathaniel for "[...] taking pictures of people who...don't know about it."

The credits roll, accompanied by the Office theme. Audra's surname is spelled "Nørdwall," as a running joke between her and Nathaniel, and Emma's surname "Malbon" is misspelled "Malbourn."

In the seriesEdit

First Day Filming was the first episode of Mt. Ararat ever produced. It introduced the characters of Brendan Dupont, Izzi Ross, Zack Mullen, Audra Nordwall, Joanna Brown, Meghan Murphy, and Nathaniel Nelson. All of these subjects would return in later episodes, but Izzi and Mullen would both drop out of school, and Brendan would disappear from the series following Bleach Week.