Bye Bye Honda (Part Two) is the twenty-second episode of the fourth season of American dankumentary Mt. Ararat. It continues the storyline begun in Bye Bye Honda (Part One), involving Nathaniel's new Mustang and Zack Mullen's living arrangements.


The Cold Open consists of an interview segment with Bronwyn and Cyrus, in which Cyrus describes how he asked Bronwyn to prom. He explains that they had decided to wear red to the dance, and Bronwyn quickly corrects him: it's burgundy, not red.

We then cut back to the end of Bye Bye Honda (Part One), in which Mullen, Bird, and Nathaniel are wandering around Portland. As the scene opens, Hudson is laughing hysterically at a Mullenism that had not been caught on camera: when asked his thoughts on the new couple, Mullen had mispronounced "Cyrus" as "Siri."

The three of them walk to first Toys 'R' Us, then to the party store, where they devolve into a hyper exhaustion. They end up at Friendly's, where they have dinner and Mullen explains that he is planning on living with Seth.

The next day — Monday — Meredith introduces a new idea to her Creative Writing class: attending the MOTH event in Portland the following June. She tries to pitch ideas for fundraising, but the students input their own ideas, such as a bikini car wash or a meth dealership.

Meanwhile, Mullen shows the cameras around Seth's house, where he is planning on staying for a while. The episode ends with him ignoring a phone call from his father.

In the seriesEdit

This episode directly follows episode twenty-one, which ended with a "to be continued" screen.

Episode twenty-two is the first mention of the MOTH event in Portland. The MOTH stories had not been brought up since episode eighteen of Season Four: Mission Trip.

This episode also marks the first appearance of Seth's house after the mid-season finale. Seth himself does not appear, barring a brief cameo in a flashback-type sequence.