Bronwyn Skye Caswell-Riday is one of the primary subjects of Mt. Ararat Season Four. She is known for her off-the-wall humor, pop culture references, and participation in school events.

Role in Mt. AraratEdit

Bronwyn first appeared in the seventh episode of Season Three, where she is seen onstage in the Commons, giving her speech for the student council election. She claims she has "...helped out with the pie, flower, and candy cane sales."

She was later reintroduced in the first episode of Season Four, as she again stood on the Commons stage, this time donning the Eagles mascot costume.

She was reintroduced for the third time in Season Four's Fire Drill. During the eponymous evacuation, the camera approaches her and she asks, "Is this for the documentary?"

Bronwyn is seen in the mid-season finale, Zack's Dropping Out, discussing Mullen with the rest of the German V class.

She was introduced for the last time in the first episode of the second half of Season Four, Bleach Week. She was introduced as "fourth in the class," a fact which she confirms later in the episode.

As of One Day at Bowdoin, Bronwyn was considered a recurring subject, and by Mission Trip, she was one of the protagonists.


Bronwyn is known for almost always being in a light, jokey mood — even when discussing serious issues, she keeps her tone bright and happy. In Feel the Bern, it is revealed that she hasn't missed a single day of school since seventh grade, and in Bleach Week, she explains how she is the fourth-highest-ranking student in the Class of 2016, making her the most academically-inclined of the primary subjects.


Bronwyn has dirty-blond hair, light skin, and consistently red cheeks (though not as extreme as Nathaniel's). She is probably the most eccentric dresser of the primary subjects, with her outfits ranging from yellow sundresses to all-black, form-fitting clothes.

For the majority of the series, Bronwyn's hair goes past her shoulders and is usually worn down. Following the twenty-first episode of Season Four, her hair is worn in a short bob. Additionally, in her first appearance, she has a full set of braces, but these have been removed by the events of Homecoming Week.


In Bleach Week, it is revealed that Bronwyn has a little brother: Tristan Caswell-Riday, a freshman at Mt. Ararat. He makes another appearance in Variety Show, in which Bronwyn works the strobe lights for his breakdancing performance.


• "I have been to every meeting as well as every event, including open mic nights and the dodgeball tournament. I have helped out with the pie, candy cane, and flower sales." — [03x07: "How is That Even Fucking Erotic?"]

• "We just finished midterms...I'm a wreck." — [04x14: Bleach Week]

• "I love Bernie Sanders. I'm so pumped to see Bernie Sanders in real life." — [04x20: Feel the Bern]