Alexandria "Ally" Collins is one of the protagonists of the Mt. Ararat franchise. She first appears in the first episode of the second season of the original Mt. Ararat series.

Role in Mt. AraratEdit

After Theater Kids, Ally would appear infrequently throughout the series, usually when met by a subject with a larger role. Her first major appearance after the second season was in This is Mt. Ararat, for God's Sakes, in which she has a conversation with Mullen, describing how tired and stressed-out she is.

In Zack's Dropping Out, Ally gives the camera her thought on Mullen's decision, explaining how she thinks Mullen is a really great guy and knows what he's doing. It is heavily implied that she is being sarcastic.

Following the series's soft reboot, Ally began to appear as a series protagonist, being the center of the "secret boyfriend" controversy, which involved her ill-fated relationship with Nathaniel. After this, she was seen MCing the Variety Show, then taking a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Ally starred in Jack's play The Dove Nest, alongside Kobi, Nathaniel, and Jack himself.

In the series finale, Ally is one of the directors of the graduation ceremony and the very first to receive her diploma.

In the series finale flashforwards, Ally is seen alone at her parents' campsite somewhere in Maine, where she builds a fire and describes to the camera her plans for college.


Ally seems to generally be in a good mood, often cracking light-hearted jokes. However, she is also seen to lose her temper, especially when stressed out. This is seen most clearly in Variety Show, when everything seems to be going wrong.

Ally has bright blond hair, cut to a short bob in Season Two but worn longer by Season Four. She often wears scarves.